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How Giadom, APC National Executive Council (NEC) May Decide Oshiomole's Fate

MirabelJackson 06/24/2020

The internal crises within the ruling All Progressive Congress APC, just took a different turn this evening as the Presidency acknowledged the leadership of Chief Victor Giadom as the New acting chairman.

On assuming office, Giadom had called for a national executive committee - NEC meeting of the party in other to chart the way forward and resolve all crisis currently rocking the party.

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At the forefront of the discussion may be the Edo state governorship elections which is the main cause of this all-round fight.

Gov Obaseki, who sought re-election was denied the party ticket by the erstwhile party chairman, Oshiomole and that led to his defection.

Not quite long after that, Oshiomole was removed as chairman and Chief Victor Giadom stepped in.

Although Giadom's announcement was marred with rejections from some quarters said to be loyal to Oshiomole, the NWC and the national leader, Tinubu, Chief Giadom's position was sealed this evening by the presidency.

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Earlier on when he announced his take over as chairman, Giadom had threatened to review the process that screened out Obaseki as a governorship candidate.

The screening committee was set up and monitored by Oshiomole.

So indeed, if Giadom had threatened to review and albeit, cancel the screening process, then it automatically means Oshiomole's fate has been sealed by his appointment this evening.

Speaking on tomorrow's meeting, the NWC had issued a statement rejecting the NEC meeting and vowed not to attend but will they shun a meeting where the president will be in attendance?

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By the fracas currently brewing in Edo, the NEC may put the whole blame on Oshiomole.

Note his preferred candidate, Ize Iyamu is currently standing trial for a N700million fraud case and that may also pitch Oshiomole against the NEC on why such candidate should be allowed to represent the party.

2 things may happen tomorrow:

1. The NEC may ratify and formally uphold Oshiomole's suspension

2. The NEC may review all his actions in the past months including the APC activities during the screening for the Edo elections.

The outcome of tomorrow's meeting will surely decide the next step for the APC and may even influence the build-up to the 2023 elections.

Will Oshiomole stay relevant till then?

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