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Why You Have Never Made Money Online Even Though Your Friends Are Cashing Out Everyday

TosinWrites 2d

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. It is very obvious today that there are lots of legit ways to make money on the internet without sweating it and most people are cashing out everyday with their time spent online.

But, some people are finding it so difficult to make money online, for some, it's just not possible while some believe it's village people at work

So the following reasons are why you are probably unlucky and yet to make a single penny online even when your bestie always post screenshots of cashing out.

1. You Didn't Make Your Research

Most people just join different schemes anyhow without first making proper consultations or research. Don't be like that, there are ways to identify scam sites, there are ways to know if that platform is legit or not

That's why Google is your friend! So next time someone invites you to a money making platform, ask them enough questions and also make your findings, it'll help you

2. You Joined Late

Let me remind you of the popular line in today's business world "Time na money"

Most of the money making schemes online favors the sharp guys, the early birds... People that first jumps on the opportunity the moment it's out. Dem no dey dull am at all!

Others, like you... Are still making research, taking time to study while your friends are already cashing out small small... You see, by the time you now decide to finally join the train... It's already too late and you'll now shout "na scam"

The truth is that, even some sites you claim are not trustworthy ehn.. Some people still made lots of money from it before they eventually crashes

3. You Can't Take Risks

There's no business endeavor without its own risks my friend, even life itself is risky... Being broke is risky, poverty is risky!.

So, next time you should learn to risk even if it's #1000 or so that you're told you'll have to commit or to use to register in order to make more money

In life, we use money to make money, or tell me why you're spending that thousands of naira just to go to school? If not to graduate and make money?

So, learn to take risks... And understand that in life, sometimes we lose some and we gain some.

4. Use Only The Money You Can Lose

It's just like gambling, you're not advised to always use money you can't lose. It will always end in tears!

Use only the money you can lose, don't be greedy. That way, your loss won't pain you that deep and you can always bounce back.

And one bonus tip; Don't spend all your profit. Keep some, so you can invest tomorrow... Because you never can tell, another opportunity might come that'll require you to first make a little investment

That's it.. Follow these tips to make the best decision always in your money making endeavors

And, don't forget to share the knowledge!

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