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"Abeg Leave Him Alone" - Why Liverpool Legend Has Criticized Martial After He Scored An Hat-trick

Sundaily 06/25/2020

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Manchester United were totally on fire on Wednesday as they added more woes to Sheffield United's season. The blades have picked up just one point in their last three games, drawing against Aston Villa, losing to Newcastle and then getting thrashed at old Trafford. After the tottenham game, everyone realized that some changes had to be made in the next game. Solskjaer gave the fans what they had been dieing to see, as he started pogba alongside Fernandes. And trust me the pair took no time to show what they are made of. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Anthony martial got the first goal after rashford drived a low cross into the box in the 7th minute. The French man nearly repaid the favour as he squared rashford but instead the Englishman squandered the chance. However, martial later got his second in a similar position to the first. After the break, united played some beautiful football involving pogba, Fernandes and greenwood before passing to rashford, who layed another one for martial, as the Frenchman shipped the ball into the net. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

However, Liverpool legend Graeme Souness has come out to criticize the Frenchman despite getting United's first hat-trick since 2013. We all know that martial has a lazy character and he sometimes switches off during games. And Souness has said that the Frenchman lacks the enthusiasm that rashford has (the way he conducts himself). And I think he is right, if you look at martial's play in some games, he looks like who need someone to motivate him. But we have seen that rashford always motivates himself even though the team isn't playing well. Souness later blasted the 24-year old, that it was his early goal that inspired him and maybe he needs to score very early in games to play well. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

See, I understand were Souness is heading to but I feel every body is different, what motivates rashford might not motivate martial. We have seen in recent times that martial's sluggish attitude comes naturally, so we should just leave him to sought himself out. He had a great game on Wednesday, and hopefully he will continue in that vein but criticizing someone after such wonderful performance, it's not right. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

So what do you think about this, do you think Souness is right and do you think it's right to criticize martial after such impressive performance? Please comment so I can know what you think and I will surely reply back. Don't forget to follow me, like and share. Thanks.

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Felix_hg · 06/25/2020
This souness criticizes a lot. And during he's time he was bang average with no special ability 😐
Happylee · 06/25/2020

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