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How we discovered my wife was possessed through the Brazilian hair her friend gave her (Fiction)

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How we discovered that my wife was possessed through the Brazilian hair her friend gave her View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

I am a lawyer by profession; I have worn many cases and helped many innocent people go free from cases they were innocent of. I work as a lawyer not for the money I make but to do the right thing, and this made majority of my colleagues dislike me. My wife works in an office. Her boss likes here because she is punctual, jovial and hardworking this made many of her colleges jealous of her. She kept doing what was right and got a promotion ahead of are fellow colleagues. Which made them more jealous? They began trying to find fault in everything she did but were not able to do so they never wanted to associate with her again. Even her closest friends always pretended to be busy when she wanted to discuss with them. She finally understood that she was all alone. She decided to stay cool.

 A friend of her started showing interest and she was happy about it, they began doing things together and she became happy that she had someone to associate with in the office. On her birthday this are so called friend gave her a Brazilian hair as a birthday gift. She was so happy and thanked her praying for her. She used the hair whenever she was going for a party. 

After a while she was telling me she could not recall most of the things she was asked to work on, and she was always confused in the way to present her works. This made her boss began to complain about her un seriousness in the work of the organization and treated to sack her. At first we taught it was as a result of stress. But after we went for medical checkup, the doctor said nothing was wrong with her. She then informed her mother who is a worker in the church. Her mother told her not to worry that the devil would be put to shame. She prayed about it and very early on a Thursday morning she came to our house unexpected and went straight to our room and opened my wife’s cupboard and brought out the hair and said that, this was what was bringing about are confusion, since she had put it on her head once already they were able to control her thinking. She took it out and burnet it, then told my wife to resign from her working place because she was surrounded by evil people. A month after my wife resigned she got a better job and things were going on well again as it had always been. 

A year later her friend that gave her that hair came to our house. She started begging that she has being sacked and had not being able to get a job. She said she was told that only if she comes to ask for forgiveness of what she had done to my wife, and my wife forgives her only they would her life become normal again. Now we are in a confused state weather to forgive her or not. Please what should we do? 

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+255-77291**** · 06/30/2020
to forgive is a best option but lets her learn through had way first.

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