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Three ways you can maximise single life, number 2 is very important to you if you are under 30

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Three ways you can maximize singleness.

 In recent times, being single is presently associated to many obnoxious terms like irresponsible, unadult, etc. We hardly look at the brighter side of the things that can be achieved as a single person with a luxury of spare time.  


These are the three ways you can maximize singleness. 

1. Being more spiritually connected

Being single comes a lot of spare time. Those spare times will never come again when you are married. Being single gives you alot of time to reflect on the spiritual aspect of your life. It gives you alot of time to fast and pray alone, study the word of God without any disturbance or any selfish conscious thinking of you not showing attention to your spouse. It allows the word of God come out in you, which will in turns be of use if you ever want to get married. 

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2. Financial impart 

This is the time you can save and give unto others that are in need. You're not yet saving up for diapers or other things needed for childcare. You can use your money to impart the church of God, orphanage homes and family. 

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3. Physical and mental fitness 

Most people do believe marriage will set them free of stress, activities and other things, but it's exactly the opposite, if you don't know how to manage yourself at the time you are single, marriage will be like a prison for you. It's like that secondary school student believing he's going to be freer in the university than he is at school. Singleness is a foundation that should be lay on a rock of being healthy body and mind. Hit the gym, read books, travel to your favorite town alone. Because those opportunities may ot come again. 

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