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10 facts about Africa that you ought to know.

Preely 06/29/2020

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1) Africans sell everything they have to the highest bidder even their land. Then they poison each other because of the money. To the point of selling their children for money.

2) Africans confide in superstition and religion a lot.

3) The so called men of God rob their congregations and become billionaires in their very poor nations, they make the church a family inheritance and investment.

4) Blacks do not think, they do not use their intellectual capability and very few of them are analytical.

5) The white brought their God and continuously invent fuzzy concepts to confuse the black.

6) If care is not taken, in 100 years to come our descendant will still be slave to the white.

7) The white force the black to speak their language making some of us to neglect our own language even some of us judge each other on how well they speak the white language which is very bad.

8) Just watch how the blacks do drown in ocean just to leave their motherland to greener pasture. God help us.

9) If the white ask a black man to choose between being a slave or remaining in their country, I bet you 90% of them will gladly choose to be slave, leaving their country to develop another.

10) Look at how younger generation are frowning to go to farm because they believe it is for the poor masses making us to remain in the mercy of the white. We have to stop imitating the white in their way of living.

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Africa cannot grow if we keep on running away from our countries, it cannot grow if we don't cherish what we have, is time for us to fight, is time for us to do away with all this corruption. Africa can be great if we join our hands together.

i stand to be corrected if I said anything wrong.

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