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Home Remedy To Restore Your Period

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Some ladies just stop seeing their period without a reason not that they have reach the point of menopause , atimes it due to Infection.

If you are a lady and you experience this,then this writeup is for you

If you have tested negative to pregnancy and you are not in the age of menopause but your period have seize then this writeup is for you.


1) 1 big onion

2) 1big lemon or lime

3) 1glass of water


1) Grate your onion and squeeze your lime to bring out the juice

2) pour the water in a pot and add your grated onion and lime juice

3) all to heat

4) sieve the substance and transfer into a glass cup

5) Drink the mixture at ones on an empty stomach.

Do this for 3dats and thank me later

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