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See The Verse In The Bible That Every Christians Should Always Read Because Of The Meaning

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. View pictures in App save up to 80% data. There are many chapters and verses in the Bible that have checked, and have seen some that are very lucid, but many people ignore one verse in the Bible and use unnecessary ones to pray just because it talked about riches and mercy.

I Myself don't check a verse like this in the Bible before, until I saw a lady's tweets called olashile Abayomi on Twitter

"May my satisfaction be found in you. Don’t let me be so rich that I don’t need you or so poor that I have to resort to dishonesty just to make ends meet. Then my life will never detract from bringing glory to your name."Proverbs 30:9 TPTContentment and Peace! 🙏 View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Solomon meaning of this verse leads to two things

1) Don't let me be so rich that I don't need you:

Do you know at times God will answer your prayer about been favour but because he has seen that if you are rich, you will not continue to worship him that why your prayer is not yet answer until, he sees your motive about him that when he will later send help from heaven. So if you later get rich that is the prayer you should pray. I know you read your Bible very well, Can you see what later happened to Solomon that even wrote this verse when the money reach some stage he was misleaded and turn his face from God by worshipping idols which were brought by the ungodly wives he married from Egypt.

2) So Poor that I have to resort to dishonesty just to make ends meet:

I pray God shouldn't make us poor because those that are doing irrational things like using a baby for rituals in order to get money, Going into prostitute just to get money and even stealing all of them resulted because of poverty. So Solomon was asking God not to make him poor in order to avoid the difficulty of this life.

So the person that said the words in the Bible knew the real meaning and the weight of that verse before saying it, he puts himself at the middle. Not to get poor and also not to get rich to offend God.

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