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Nicki Minaj Calls Her Anoconda Video a Joke

Armyamara 06/29/2020

Nicki Minaj has spoken about her Anoconda hit that made the internet go wild and going with video, she called the melody a joke.

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The Anaconda video broke Vevo's record for the most viewed within the 24 hours of it's release, with the record pulling in 19.6 million hits in the day following its release. 

Named by some as a "twerk hymn", the melody intensely went viral. Minaj proceeds in the to express that the tune and video has a significant and positive message, be that as it may. "I needed to make a tune that make curvy ladies so attractive," she included. "I needed to be attractive yet be perky with it.

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Furthermore, I needed it to be attractive to the point that regardless of whether you don't understand English you could in any case see it in the song and you would have no clue on what is coming next. It was easy to compose. I just made the song and afterward I let the words occur." 

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Minaj likewise talked about Drake's appearance in the video, which sees the Toronto star get a lapdance from his curvy lady. 

It's so charming. He's such a wonderful on-screen character," Minaj said. "After he did that we only broke out giggling and we as a whole were laughing out loud.

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He's such a decent guy. I love that he ridicules himself and doesn't pay attention to himself as well. That is the reason my companionship with him works so well. That is the reason I love him to death."

Source: opera.com
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