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14 Things You Remember When You Smoke And drink Alcohol

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below are some things you remember fast when you smoke weed and drink alcohol

1. When you smoke weed you only remember one Nigeria music artist - Naria Marley and his songs.

2. You remember your babe, her kiss, her romance, her smile etc.

3. You regret letting your babe leave your house a day before the day you smoked.

4. You start to remember answers you could not remember in school while in an examination hall.

5. You remember that you have not gone to church for the past three months and the day you smoked weed was Saturday then you remember that the next day is Sunday service and you must attend the service.

6. You remember your matric number you have forgotten in the past seven months of ASUU Strike.

7. You remember that Covid-19 cases are still increasing but doesn't border you, what you just want to hear is that the FG have reopen schools.

8. You remember people you are owning money.

9. You feel your house is rotating anti clockwise.

10. When you go to bed to sleep you feel your bed is rotating.

11. You remember the last shop you went to buy something before you smoked weed.

12. You remember that Covid-19 will come to an end when our leaders stop corruption.

13. You will think that NPower application is closed when they have not even started the application.

14. You remember you have nine carryovers to write when school reopen after Covid-19.

if you have remembered any of the above things comment? please don't forget to like, comment and share.

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Top Comments
Aproko-House · 08/10/2020
Baba this one na big fat lie ohhhhhhhhh
GAIUSJIM_01 · 08/20/2020
Mr writer you are mad
+234-0816058**** · 07/25/2020
you will also remember that in this Country Nigeria you have to hustle.
FashFrank · 09/24/2020
this writer is lost

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