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N-Power Recruitment: Don't Fall Into The Hands Of Scammers, See Requirements For Online Registration

Naija_24hrsnews 06/26/2020

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Scammers are everywhere especially this period of registration, some Business centres where this registration take place have some scammers who are interested in defrauding people. They will tell you to pay money that they will register you, but all is scam!! Don't give out money to anybody who do not ask you this requirement below.

Note: When registering for the N-Power Recruitment, avoid any Npower website that looks like this: Http:// Npower.gov.ng because it is wrong and dangerous. Look out for the one that carries that S like this: Https://Npower.gov.ng. I believe this has help you to beware of scammer. One major requirements is your BVN. We all know that our BVN is a top secret pin we must not share to anyone, once a scammer gets your BVN, he can cause havoc on your bank account. There is a top secret I will show to observe when doing your registration.

Details of information needed to apply for npower recruitment 2020 include the following;

1. Name (Surname first)

2. E-mail

3. Choose a Password that you can remember

4. Educational Background

5. National Youth Service Certificate

6. Birth Certificate

7. Local Government Identification letter

8. Bank Verification Number

9. Phone Number

10. Bank Account Number

11. Bank name

12. State origin, LGA, Community

13. Residential Address

14. State of Resident

15. Local Government of Resident

16. The program you prefer

After the registration, you collect your acknowledgement slip and wait for the list of shortlisted candidates to be processed.

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