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Schools must have Isolating centres before reopening - FG

sciencefrek 06/24/2020

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In the guidelines released by the Federal Ministry of Education to the National Assembly on Tuesday, the Federal Ministry of Education has proposed that schools must have isolation spaces before reopening.

The document submitted noted that each school is required to create temporal isolation spaces and fully-equipped clinics to treat and monitor cases of the virus if any cases occur in the school.

The proposed guideline mandates proprietors to make available additional structures and also employ more teachers. This is to ensure that theirs adequate spacing in the classrooms and students and teachers adhere to the 2 metres spacing system in the classroom.

Also, proprietors have been asked to seek permissions to acquire soaps and buckets, ensure regular safe water supply, ensure a constant supply of learning and instructional materials and also pay salaries as at when due.

With this been said, we can now hope that sooner or later, schools in the country will be allowed to open once these guidelines are been followed.

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