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Here are 10 best states in Nigeria 2020 among the 36 states

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Nigeria is country to total of 36 states with numerous cultures. With an estimated population of 200 million, We are viewed as the most populous black nation in the globe. Now, for the sake of interest or argument, have you ever thoughts of the Best states in the country (Nigeria). 

It is necessary to observe that these 36 states are unique in so many ways, and ought to be considered as excellent based totally on economy value, standard of living and varying degree of industrialization. Hence, it is anticipated that some of them are among the richest states in Nigeria while some are not.


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Lagos State, for so many occasions, is an obviousmention. The “City” is positioned at the south west of Nigeria and is the most populous state in Nigeria. Unfortunately, it is also the smallest state in the country. It is however referred to as the financial and industrial capital of Nigeria and West Africa at large.

Cross River

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Cross River is next state on our list of best states in Nigeria. The state is positioned at the south south region, Cross River is also one of the richest states in the country. A location regularly recommended for its natural beauty.


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Abuja is one place in Nigeria that can match Lagos State with regard to luxurious properties, Wealthy populace and to an extent the hustle life-style however with so a good deal sanity. 

Akwa Ibom

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The capital of Akwa Ibom State is Uyo. Referred as a outstanding location to stay in Nigeria, and also one of the most lovely state to live in. There is also no doubt about Uyo’s prowess as a top vacationer attraction.


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Oyo State is the largest state in the southwest region. Perhaps, the capital of Oyo is Ibadan. The capital "Ibadan" is regarded the largest city by means of mass. Though Ibadan, and Oyo state as a whole, is fantastically less expensive when compared to Abuja, Lagos, or Port Harcourt, it remains one of the best states in Nigeria.


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Rivers State is possibly the richest state in Nigeria, with an abundant claim to Oil production. With top tourist attractions, it is a states stuffed with adventure and opulence, you without a doubt be thinking of Port Harcourt for Holidays.


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Delta State is one of the Oil-producing vicinity in Nigeria. Rating her as one of the richest states in the country. The true road network and its stunning landscapes make it one of the pleasant states in Nigeria.


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Kaduna State shares the same title with its capital. its numerous populace of people across the country ensures it makes the reduce of best states in Nigeria. Here, you are virtually going to experience at home even though you are far from home.


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Imo state is our next move. The capital of Imo State is Owerri, Owerri is regarded as one of the great places to live in Nigeria. 


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Finally, on the listing is Enugu, Enugu is one of the fastest developing states in the eastern part of the country. Its beautiful landscape makes it one of the top traveller enchantment sites in the east.

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BasilAsanya · 07/13/2020
Remove Kaduna state.The state of Hausa/ Fulani home of dictatorship, The home of Bandits and terrorism.The capital city of the Nigeria problems.and the home of Christan terminators....
ChidiebereNwankwo_03 · 06/30/2020
without Anambra it is incomplete
JoeSmart_01 · 06/30/2020
oga writer do more research, and take away Kaduna in the post and include ebonyi their.
+234-903634**** · 06/30/2020
I rep my state akwa ibom

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