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Prepare for your crossover

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Are you ready for your breakthrough this season? The children of Israel had gone around the wilderness for forty years; it was a great message to finally hear that in three days' time, they would cross the Jordan river into the promised land. It was a moment in which endless circle of lack of progress would be broken. The land of promise was right in front of them which they would now possess. They were going to bid farewell to the life of wilderness. But for this to effectively happen, they needed to prepare.

The rule of the promise land are different from those of the wilderness. It is a total shift that one must engage in to accrue the benefits of the new place. Many people get excited when there is an opportunity to cross over, be it a new year, new job or new relationship; but owning to their pack of preparation, the excitement does not last long as they soon get back to their old habits and ways. Good things come to those who are prepared; success is not an accident,it is a realization of predetermined and preset goals.

As you cross over to your next level, may the grace of God help you to prepare for the great things ahead of you and may you get help from those competent to ensure your next level will be a blessing to you.

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