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Worry As Northern Youths Take Action

Blessing12 06/24/2020

Wonders shall indeed never cease. The northern youths are calling out the government for the state of insecurity in their land. I'm curious though. Who is responsible for the state of insecurity? The old men and women and children? Not the youths??

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Reports was that the Coalition of Northern Youths has given the Nigerian government two weeks ultimatum to address the current security challenges bewildering the northern part of the country or face protests. They also said that the youths are ready to occupy the Houses of Assembly in the 19 Northern States as well as the National Assembly in Abuja if nothing is done urgently to address the insecurity in the region. This would be a spectacular show if it really happens.

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The Coalition also said that there is need to inject fresh ideas in the security architecture of the nation. My question now is how come they're complaining about insecurity? The messy situation the whole of Nigeria is in having insecurity as one of its major problems is basically because of these very same northerners. 

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The group is also of the opinion that the fight against insecurity in the country needs more than a military approach and urges both the federal and state governments to take urgent action that will reduce poverty, illiteracy and unemployment. Someone tell me what drama is being played out here because these ones are who are responsible for the insecurity crises in the country. Northern youths complain of insecurity. What a joke. 

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Top Comments
JonathanUkeh · 06/26/2020
Many of us are complain about insecurity, unemployment and etc. we should as well ask about the oil money since 1970 to date. which surpose to develop the country.
EnyinnaNkemAbonta · 06/26/2020
What exactly have you said in this piece?! That an association, an organisation, of Northern youths shouldn't complain about insecurity in the North since some Northern youths are responsible for the insecurity? Following your line of thought then, Nigerians shouldn't complain about insecurity since some Nigerians are responsible for the insecurity. Don't just write for the sake of writing. Write only when you've got something to say.
GUEST_lxvqN3d7e · 06/26/2020
can The South South see how NORTHERNERS DOES things together no ITK of the CENTAL nor West nor East trying to dominate us dominate us. see how NORTHERNERS unitedly does things as one north they are know for. South South stop and drop hypocrisy it will never help you all. never. you said NORTHERNERS do not know anything but they prove it to you through actions not Talkative and running parrot mouth full of bitterness against your neighbour. God forbid evil tomorrow we say we are Christians and are going to church but here you practice your brother your enemies always. God forbid evil.
ChristopherChinachi · 06/26/2020
All this youths then does it mean that they are more effective than our soldiers. Nigeria has failed.

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