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NYSC: Is the current allowance the solution?

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. National youth service corps (NYSC) is a programme that is structured by the Nigerian government to promote unity and oneness among the Nigerian graduates regardless of their cultural or social background. NYSC is a compulsory programme and the age limit is 30 years. At the end of every month, all corp members are entitled to money to meet up with their needs and expenses. There was an increment in their allowance from #19,800 to #33,000 but it is not a solution to curb unemployment.

The federal government should work on how to provide jobs for the youths while they are still in their service year. Allowance is to just to provide their needs while they are still serving their father's land. Out of this #33,000 they are expected to pay their house rents, transport fee, foodstuffs and water. The current allowance is not the way out of unemployment.

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NYSC : Is #33,000 really the way out?

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