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Do This One Thing and You Will Never See Bedbugs Near Your Home Again

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Bedbugs are small ants which inhabits the tiny holes of our beds or around the corner of our room,can also be found under the carpets,rugs,Near furnitures.They feeds on Human blood at night which can leads to skin rashes and skin decoloration.

There are several ways of eliminating them in our homes through use of insecticides. But we noticed after some time we'll see a number of them coming out again, this is because one Bedbugs could produce 200 to 250 eggs after mating which will be hatched in 5-10 days into the young ones. These young ones will then proceed to continue their parents course of seeking human's blood to live . View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

However, there are things these ants hates ,for instance; If you use Engine oil on them they will die quickly but this will likely stain your home.

The best possible ways to stop them is by consistently using Kerosene based insecticides to disinfect your home after cleaning.

Use kerosene based insecticides to clean your furniture.

Recall back that they also inhabits the tiny holes inside our bed , and one way is to dry this bed in a hot Sun.

Note; before you dry it , make sure you have disinfect it with insecticides mixed with kerosene.

And always consistently clean your home.

These ways,you will never see bed bugs in your home again.

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OlogbaChris · 07/5/2020
Bed bugs are More stubborn than you think. Kerosene can actually kill them instantly ,but eliminating them completely is something else. I don't think you have ever battled against them before.
EhimahJohn · 07/7/2020
Same J E Thanks so much and have a wonderful wisdom, May God bless you.
GUEST_4l1LvjWxG · 06/30/2020
g/nuts need what kid of soil

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