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Take a look at the reasons I would not marry for love (fiction).

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I am a woman in my early 30s, I am successful in business, I own three houses already, including seven cars to go around with, as I deem fit, I lack nothing a woman would want in this life, or the life to come, except a child. 

I cannot get pregnant on my own, otherwise I would have done so long before now. I have not been so lucky in my experience with men, I have come to see that what most of them want is someone they can boss around, instead of a wife they should take care of, but when I think about it, I am set on my own, lacking nothing, therefore, do not need any material provision from any man. 

I had myself two categories of men before this time of my life, some were interested in defraud me of some cash, some even went as far as kidnapping me, all for my financial possessions, others just lied to me.

After the ugly experience of my kidnap by a man I was thinking would marry me, I have made up my mind, never to go in for love with a man, only for a child, as it is God's first decree on man (first assignment), to multiply and subdue the earth. 

I have considered getting any man, to get me pregnant, but I would not want my child to possess characters or unwanted traits from a father whose background isn't known. 

Most importantly, I wouldn't want my child not to have a father figure, so in all of this, I still would get married soon, as having a child seems to be the only achievement life has not offered for me to have on my own. 

I have considered adopting, and my parents have threatened to disown me if I should do so without first getting married, and attempting to have my own child, this situation has driven me to a conclusion of getting married to a man, that will agree to a divorce as soon as I get my own child, this way, my child get to have a father figure, whose background is known and who also can be reachable when he is needed. 

I am sure this is the best solution to my only problem, I have explained why I only need a child from a husband and not love.

Readers of good judgements, let me know your opinion on the comment session below, no insults please.

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