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Twitter users attack Yul Edochie for asking Igbos to stop fighting their selves (screenshot)

Realreporter 06/29/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Nollywood popular most sought after actor has send a strong and powerful message to the Igbos.

Yul Edochie posted a tweet on Twitter asking Igbos not to fight their brothers if they are slapped by someone else but Twitter uses who did not agree with him blasted him for it.

View his post below

If a man slaps you and instead of slapping him back you rather go and punch your own brother for not speaking for you. The man will realize that you are a big coward and he will slap you again and again.

Ndi Igbo wake up.

Stop fighting yourselves, fight your enemies.

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A lot of people did not agree with him and they blasted him for it, read some replies below

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What is your opinion about this? Do you think Yul Edochie is right or wrong?

Please drop a comment telling us your opinion using the comment section.

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Top Comments
Agimusmoses · 06/30/2020
The problem we have in igbo land is Anambra state who call imo, Ebonyi, abia, enugu fake igbos
ChiefTony · 06/30/2020
he just said what he understood, but the truth is that those parading themselves as leaders, speaking on our behalf have never lost any member of their family to fulani herdsmen and so will do little or nothing to defend those who are dying and are being slapped, instead they are dinning with our killers, running errand for them, proscribed their own because of greed, how many times have the North proscribed their boys for threatening the igbos to vacate the North, for claiming ownership of Nigeria, for supporting the killings in Nigeria
GUEST_vmngyw6Or · 06/30/2020
He don't understand the plight of the people,you can see that he doesn't know that some people are not capable of fighting for themselves and he contested for governorship in his state how could he have remembered the poor? going by his statement.
+234-0803968**** · 06/30/2020
Yul next bite ur words before speaking them out. we cannot slap them dear slapped us back not cos we are afraid but the govt made us powerless. our enemies are being empowered n protected by the govt. Yul I know u ppl are afraid of Nigeria's breakup cos u ll loose ur mansion in Lagos but wat abt ur children's future in Nigeria

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