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Read: A message for you during this time.✉️✉️✉️🕛

Emabsrokee1234 06/29/2020

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Hi I'm Orokeme and I have a important message for you today. During this time of pandemic, many are suffering, some have lost jobs, others are going hungry, many people are stressed, and many are wondering, what is going to happen next? 

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I want to tell you today, don't need to be stressed because the Bible says God can give us perfect peace if we focus our mind on Him. Isa 26:3. You don't need to be stressed out. This just tells us that Jesus is coming very soon and he is going to take us home to heaven, were there will be no more pain, no more hunger or tears, no more stress, and no more pandemic. We will all be happy and healthy there. Do you believe it? You have to have faith to see it, faith in God's words. So don't let this pandemic make you forget about Jesus and lose faith of Him. Instead, let it bring you closer to Him, read your Bible more, pray more. We can have confidence in the Bible. Cling to God's promises. The Bible said in Psa 91:6,7, that when the pestilence comes, a thousand will fall at thy side and a thousand at thy right hand it won't come near you. Isn't God's promises sweet? That's a promise for our time and if God promised it I have faith that he will do it. He never breaks His promises because he is God and will never let us down. 

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So today, I want to remind you Jesus is coming very very soon, yes very soon and we must be ready, ready to meet him, ready at his second coming, ready today. But how? The Bible says in Matt. 24:42, therefore keep watch, because you do not know what day your Lord will come. We will must watch, watch for the signs like the pestilence, yes the pandemic. It is a sign, yes a sign pointing to you to get ready. If you have been watching, you will realize that Jesus is now telling us to get ready, because he is coming soon. Then we must build our faith because the Bible says that, FAITH IS THE VICTORY and we are saved by grace through faith. How do we build up Faith? We must spend time in the Bible Rom. 10:17. Since we have been in lockdown, we've have been staying home. All because of that I read my Bible more. One chapter a day keeps the devil away. Let's build our faith, faith comes by hearing the word of God. Let's do it everyday, then we don't have to be afraid. This is the peace that we can have, that is high above the storm. View pictures in App save up to 80% data. God bless you.

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