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Who is The Most Controversial and Funny Pastor in Nigeria?

nairaguide 06/26/2020


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Prophet Odumeje popularly known as the "The Lion" is quite known as a controversial preacher. The Anambra based prophet has grown widely into different Social Medias' sensations. You will find on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram different clips of him during his ministration and his odd or unusual style of ministering. However, some people find his odd style of preach rather entertaining which if I must add is actually very hilarious.

The preacher goes by different nicknames, such as IndaboskiBahose, The Lion, The Liquid metal, preacher of war, and others. I'm sure you already know this, which is why I will be listing out ten things you never knew about the amazing IndaboskeBahose.


Many Nigerians only know the prophet with his popular nicknames but are not aware of his real name, or state of origin. Before I go into things you missed out about Odumeje, let's discuss first his biography, controversies.

"The Lion" born on the 9th of September goes by the name Chukuemeka Ohanaemere born to Mr. and Mrs. Pius Ohanamere of Orsu Ihete Ukwa in Orlu Local Government Area. Chukwuemeka is the third child in the family of six. The Anambra-based prophet is a controversial, rugged Nigerian Pastor and founder of "Mountain of Holy Ghost Intervention and Deliverance Ministry".

His church also known as The Land of Freedom is located in Onitsha, Anambra State. Odumeje has special ways of ministering and performing his deliverance which is usually criticized by many Nigerians. His approaches include lying on some of his members, being brutal with his deliverance, throwing people on empty chairs, one would think he learned those approaches form WWW superstars fight.

Apart from his spiritual life, he is a lover of good music and football and even aspires to become a football or music legend. I guess, if he finally decides to retire from being the liquid metal, he could take up a profession in music or football. Prophet Odumeje is married to his amiable wife and both are blessed with four kids and are based in Anambra State.

Fun Fact! In the year 2000, odumeje went fully from just evangelism into full ministerial work. Although life was difficult for him considering he quit his leather business for full-time ministry, he said his mother has always been his financial strength.

The Prophet’s Controversies

There are so many controversies since Emeka Odumeje emerged as Indaboske Bahose. His unusual deliverance and miracle sessions like lifting his members and throwing them got him his name as "Heavyweight Servant of the Most High". Aside from being the holy WWW champion, he has been accused of also staging miracles in his church.

Another Controversy is the fact that a supposed man of God dances to secular songs every time he decides to spray his wad of dollars. He has been caught on camera dancing "Zanku" with his Nollywood actor friend, another time he was also seen dancing to "One More Night" by Mr. P on his birthday during a church service. As I said earlier, he is a lover of good music but dancing to a secular song in church… Nigerian would question your spirituality.

Now that you've learned all this, let's move on to the fun facts about Odumeje that you never knew, all you have to do is to keep reading.

Ten facts you never knew about Odumeje

·       The Anambra-based Prophet popularly known as "The Liquid Metal" hails from Orlu in Imo State but based in Anambra State. In addition, he is also known as the defender of Onitsha.

·       The Mountain of Holy Ghost Intervention Deliverance Ministry also known as the Land of Freedom located in Onitsha began on the 10th of September, 2020.

·       His Ministry which started in a public yard in Onitsha is not at its permanent site in Fegge, Onitsha. The Church according to research have over 20,000 seating capacity. You should total visit and get the first-hand experience of what it means to be under Odumeje ministration.

·       Odumeje seems to be very influential in the South East as celebrities have attended his services. YulEdoche is a Nollywood actor and also a politician who has been under the Prophet's ministration.

·       Odumeje is a cheerful giver. People who have attended his church have testified that he helps the poor members in his church. Even though he claimed not to be a preacher of love, he sure has a big heart.

Before we continue listing out the facts you never knew about the preacher, let's quickly divulge into his Education aspect.

Odumeje’s Early Education

Chukwuemeka in his early days had in-depth passions for music and football and wanted to pursue any of them. He finished his primary education at Nweje, Anambra State, and proceeded to Providence Secondary School. There he obtained his Secondary School certificate. Due to the financial struggle face by his mother, Odumeje could not further his education career.

Let's continue with the fun facts of the Liquid Metal

·       In 2017, the prophet claimed to have resurrected a dead woman. The story went viral, many believed it and others felt it was staged.

·       Again, in August 2019, rumor had it that the preacher had intended to walk on water as Jesus Christ did. However, he publicly denied the allegations.

·       The prophet again claimed that the Onitsha inferno was an attack from the devil and wouldn't have happened if he was around to defend. Hence, the name emerged as "The Defender of Onitsha".

·       The Prophet is currently trending for the supposed deportation of 80 and more Nigerians from Indonesia for spraying money when he visited.

·       Aside from the fact that the Preacher of war ignores some calls and pick some when he chooses, he also picks call at 2: am, 3: am. This is incredible, which means his members in need of help can reach out to him even at odd hours.

Prophet Odumeje is happily married but keeps his family and personal affairs from Social media. Those are a few facts you never knew about Odumeje.

does Odumeje fascinate you? share your thoughts about what you like and hate about him in the comment section down below.

Also if you know any of his funny slangs, comment them down below, let the fun begin!

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