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Second Lockdown: Lists Of Business Centres That May Be Closed On July 2020

FastUpdates 06/26/2020

It is comprehended by everyone that a few months ago, the federal government imposed lockdown in all states of Nigeria in order to curve the stretch of the coronavirus epidermic. All business premises were closed by the government and everybody movement we're also restricted through the use late hours curfew.

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The president who is the chief of army staff, Buhari had made known through broadcast on democracy day on the ease of lockdown in all territories in Nigeria but before then he had already vested power on all states government to ease the lockdown on their different states.

Recently, after the ease of the lockdown, the rate at which the covid-19 virus is spreading in the country is white alarming.

See the stats of the covid-19 virus patents in Nigeria as of 25th July 2020, which was reported by the reputable NCDC.

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Looking into this increasing statistics of the covid-19 patients in Nigeria, many of these business premises and sectors may be forced by the government to be closed on may.

See the business sectors that may be forced to be closed.

1. Barbing Saloons.

2. Shoprites across the country.

3. Cinema centers.

4. Betting shops such as Bet9ja, Naira bet etc.

5. Banks.

6. Computer centres

7. Education lesson centres.

The reason why these listed business sectors may be closed is because they do operate with crowded people and this can increase the easy spread of the deadly virus.

Note: Always wash your hand with alcoholic based hand sanitizers with running tap water for the minimum of 20 seconds and always wear your face masks on your face when talking to any body in order to decrease the spread of the global pandemic.

Stay safe and remember that good health is wealth.

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Top Comments
+234-0805535**** · 06/29/2020
Point of correction. Buhari as a president is the Commander in Chief of the armed forces of the federal republic of Nigeria NOT the Chief of Army Staff. Please learn to edit your write up before posting to avoid misleading the public.
GUEST_YrN9D7e96 · 06/29/2020
Do you mean the state of covid 19 patients as at 25th July, when the month of June is yet to be rounded up. Are you composed at all or you are one of those that are happy seeing masses suffering. check the 2nd to the last paragraph of ur write up or ill-fated opinion
+234-808858**** · 06/29/2020
4cups of rice u gave us last 2months still remain , it remain 3 n half cup. U can luck down again.
+234-0803644**** · 06/29/2020
Useless ideology.What provisions have you made available to sustain the innocent citizens of this country.

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