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Rihanna Proves She’s Already Spring-Ready With This Incredible New Hair Color

BensonBedan_01 06/26/2020

When it comes to keeping up with fashion trends, some people always seem to be ahead of the curve. This is the case with Rihanna, who is always pushing the envelope with her edgy and interesting style. She’s never afraid to take it to a daring place, and it doesn’t seem like she’s slowing down anytime soon.

While the current hair color trends right now seem to be more traditional like brown and blonde, you can always count on Rihanna to take it to a more interesting place. While we’re all trying to get through our winter blues, RiRi is already way ahead of us and is already on top of her spring look.

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While promoting her new line of lavender lingerie for her line Savage x Fenty, Rihanna debuted a brand new look: an edgy yet still adorable lavender bob, proving that chic can still look totally cute.

While the bob hairstyle has been on the rise lately, most of what we’ve seen has kept it tame with blonde and brunette bobs popping up here and there on red carpets. Rihanna’s purple-hued bob is inspired by the 1960’s bob that’s full of volume but still feels modern with its subtle shade of lavender.

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If you’re not quite ready to take the plunge and color your hair a non-natural shade, that’s okay. Instead, you can opt for a wig with an avant-garde color to test it out first.

What do you think of RiRi’s bold new look? Do you think that she’s inspired a new trend, or do you prefer her natural dark tresses instead.

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