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Hilarious! Top 5 Animals we See in our Society as Evil and Deceitful (PICTURES)

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Many Nigeria are finding it hard to live with some certain animal due to their looks and attitude in which brings the negative imagination of them being host of evil and deceitful 

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I will bring you a list of top 5 animals we see as evil in our home and around our living area: 

1) Snakes:

Snake is one the most evil animal. Snake is regarded as an evil creature. If you see a snake in your house you are most likely going to think that it is your 'enemy' that want to kill you. The fact is that they are poisonous makes them more dangerous.

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2) Black Cat:

In Africa we don't see cat as our friend maybe as a pet to some people outside Africa because the are demon especially the black ones are the real host of Evil. Have you noticed when you see a black cat your heart start beating very fast, black cat are associated with witches mostly in Africa.

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3) Wall Gecko:

You can find Wall Gecko easily in most homes either in villages or cities, some people believe this animal is capable of watching you wherever you goto, especially when you are sleeping at night, this animal will be watching you, sometime you find it hard to wake up during the time you are sleeping. Wall Gecko is dangerous to your home due to the poison deposited in it. 

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4) Vultures:

You must be familiar with this word "see him face like vulture". Let me bring to your notice that this animal isn't a domestic animal rather they feed on dead animal. If see a vulture in your dream is very bad sign, you need to pray of a spiritual deliverance.

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5) Bat:

In Africa, bat are seen as one of the most evil creature they look very ugly and dangerous, some believe they bring bad luck.

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Most individual are very scared of bat just because of his ugly face which looks like it wants to attack you. 

It's advisable to be cautious, if you find any of this creatures around your area

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