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Before You Sleep Tonight, Say These Prayer Points To Wage War Against Bad Dreams (29-06-2020)

Simplyblog 06/29/2020

Father Lord, we thank you for today, we appreciate your name for the gift of life, we celebrate your faithfulness in our lives for all the good things and wonderful things you've done in our lives, we say be thou exalted in Jesus name.

Many went out at the beginning of this day but not all is opprtuned to return back to their various homes, Father Lord, we are simply using them as point of contact to pray to you and it isn't as if we are mocking them, Lord Jesus, accept our admonition in the name of Jesus. Amen

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Lord, we come to you this night to ask for your mercy and forgiveness over our lives, in all the areas if which we have cut short of your glory, Rock of ages, forgive us as you've promised in Jesus name. Amen

As we are about going to bed, let your angel take charge over our lives in the name of Jesus. Be our protector and guardian In the ne of Jesus. Thank you Lord for answered prayers, we appreciate you, for in Jesus name we pray. Amen

Now Say These Prayers against Bad Dreams:

1. O Lord, as from today, let me begin to remember all my dreams, in the name of Jesus. 53. I cancel and nullify every bad dream that came into my life through sexual immorality, in Jesus name.

2. All types of awful dreams that the foes are utilizing to deny me of my gifts will be met with the fire of the Holy Spirit in Jesus name. 

3. Gracious Lord, let each tribulation in my life because of a shrewd dream be devoured by fire in Jesus name. 

4. Each dread and profound mishaps in my dream both in the day and night that lead to death are accordingly returned back to the sender by the Holy Ghost fire in Jesus name.

If you believe the Lord has answered your prayers and admonitions. Please let me know by commenting Amen and kindly sharing to others so that they can also take part from the blessing.

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