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See what happens when police arrest an innocent man, and what every Nigerian should know.

Naturestruenews 06/29/2020

The story used is entirety fictional and has no resemblance to anybody living or dead, it is only for educational purposes only.

The police came to Jones' house on an information to arrest him for an alleged offence of armed robbery. When the police met his absence, they arrested the father and threatened to keep him in custody until Jones appears.


It's unlawful to arrest a person in place of a suspect (arrest in lieu). See section 7 of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act. This act provides that ;

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 A person shall not be arrested in place of a suspect.

It's implication is that it is entirely unlawful to arrest a person in place of another. In a situation where a person is arrested in that regard, he has the right to institute an action In court for unlawful detention and as such be eligible for compensation by the authorities that violates his fundamental rights.

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Hence when a person is detained in behalf of another person, his fundamental human right of freedom of movement has been violated and such right is heavily guarded by the Constitution of the federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 as amended 2011.

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