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If You Keep These Two Animals In Your House, This Message Is For You (Read Article).

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In this present world of ours, a lot of people have been able to acquire, discover and attain higher knowledge because of the necessary information they get. Information is key to all, and it should be passed to everyone around us, because it can help save lives.

Today, I will be sharing a very useful information on the kind of animals you should keep in your house. Here we go:


Goats are one of the most common animals on the Nigerian streets, so it will be a surprise that they are part of this list. Goat rearing is only beneficial to man in the sense that they can only be reared and sold go huge sum of money. But, these goats can also be used to perpetrate evil in our homes. They do not repel evil spirits. So, we should be careful with the goats around us. View pictures in App save up to 80% data. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

2. CATS:

Cats to be sincere, are glorious pets just like dogs. The only difference being that they can be easily possessed by evil spirits. Cats helps in preventing cockroaches and rats in the house, but, these cats could be easily possessed and used to carry out evil deeds.

These animals, are rampant in the African society, were they believe witches and wizard exist, so this information will be for the African suspicious believers. View pictures in App save up to 80% data. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

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Top Comments
Zodiac · 07/31/2020
Superstition. Mothers of many successful men and women were prolific goat rearers. They are reared for economic purposes. This writer must have watched most of Ajileyes films to have picked on these 2 animals specifically. He popularised the myth.
OlaitanZainabjimoh · 07/3/2020
you can see cats everywhere in Arabian cutries,cats everywhere in Mecca, Medina yet they are very holy,but we black with evil minds and thinking, nothing bad in keeping cats and goats
SShakiruAdekule · 09/24/2020
I have the 2 presently af home over years and nothing lhkk such,Alihamdullilahi. If u believe in such u are on yr own. Infact d goats help a lot when Covid bit harder.I sold, slaughtered,give out for rearing and subsequently shared its flesh to d needy. TI BA SIN O BA SIN KINI BASE YIO JE. IF I DIDN'T REAR IT WHAT ARE WE GOING TO IT THAT TYM. OLE NDA E LAMU. IRU YIN LE MA NJI ERAN GBE.
+234-813237**** · 09/24/2020
only goats and cats..that's for own little imagination, what about dogs for security, donkeys and cows for farming and meats..a beg go park urself somewhere

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