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See The First Plane To Land In Nigeria In 1925

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. November 1, 1925, is a historic date the Nigerian Aviation industry and Nigeria as a nation will forever remember. On that day, Nigerians witnessed the maiden landing of an aircraft on the Nigerian soil. 

That maiden flight which was led by the then Flight Lt. Coningham, began from Helwan and took about sixteen hours of flight before finally touching the ground in Nigeria. 

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. In September 1925, the then air ministry announced that three HD 9AS aircraft of the 47 squadrons (stationed in Helwan, near Cairo) would fly from there to Kano, Nigeria. 

The flight according to Vincent Orange's book, was for the purpose of gaining experience in long-distance flights over tropical countries with little facilities on ground to accommodate aircraft and also to show Nigerians the capabilities of British aircraft. 

The three which were belonging to the Royal Air force (RAF) had no transmitters or any receiving equipment but had to rely on compasses and maps all through the flight. 

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. The engines were reconditioned American Liberty 400 hp engines which were able to fly an average of just 83 mph all through the flight. 

The aircraft took off from Helwan at exactly 7 am on 27 October and landed at Wadi Haifa after flying for eight hour and twenty minutes in the air with all three pilot having pains all over their body due to the stress they went through during the flight.

They took off the next morning at 4.50 am and after making several stop overs they finally landed in Maiduguri, where crowds of people have already filled Kano-Maiduguri road, looking at the sky for the appearance the aircraft.

They arrived Maiduguri in the morning hours of November 1st, but could not leave on time because all the planes sank into muddy soil of Maiduguri. The planes were eventually pushed out of the mud through the assistance of those around. 

5.10 pm on November 1, the sixth day of the journey they finally touched ground in kano their final destination after flying 3000 miles. According to the "Coningham" it was a wonderful day for the people of kano as crowds from far and near gathered to see the plane. 

The planes had to the guarded by British military men all through the night to prevent the locals from destroying it out of amazement. 

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AdereleAlao_01 · 07/16/2020
they are bush people, seeing plane for the first time
+234-803581**** · 07/16/2020
it is nice to hear that the aircraft first landed in Maiduguri before leaving for kano , it is an irony of life that the same people are now championing the fight against Western education or civilization called BOKO HARAM . why this deceitful way of life ?
+234-816038**** · 07/16/2020
If this record is correct, where would they find muddy road at Maiduguri in the dry weather of November, if not in the South? Please don't put this on record. Nothing is true about it.
ESBEE-ESTEEM · 07/8/2020
so that means its northeners that first witness the land of aircraft in Nigeria , not the wisest south

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