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Check out youngest Yoruba, Hausa, and Igbo Couples

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Marriage is a union between two consenting adults, man and woman, to become husband and wife. Marriage is mainly for reproduction anywhere in the world because Children are the fruits of marriage.

Nigeria's major tribes; Yoruba, Hausa, and Igbo which are sometimes called "WAZOBIA" have also been practicing marriage for a very long time. This update thus checks a case from each of these tribes where very young male and female get married. Although, considering some social factors, marriage ought to be conducted only when someone is ready, most especially in terms of finance. But these cases below are exceptional.

Case 1

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The picture above shows the union between a yoruba guy named Oyedayo who is just 24 as against her 20year old wife named Aderoye Damilola. It is researched and realized that this couples tied knots as early has 2013 and have been threading their path of love smoothly. Although, criticisms fall from different parts of the world, this doesn't stop their voyage of love.

Case 2

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The picture above is that of Aliyu and Aisha. Aliyu, a seventeen years old man got married to Aisha in 2019 at Sokoto. Although the Northern part of Nigeria is known for early marriages, it is somewhat a culture of theirs, yet, hausas too, mostly elites, questioned this union at the time it was near being tied.

Case 3

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Somto Nwachukwu and his 16 year old partner is displayed above. Somto, an indigene of Anambra State, Otolo Village to be precise was reported to have considered marriage more important than schooling, hence, his dropping out of school. In the Igbo Culture, making money, addressed in their native tongue as "Ego", is sacrosanct. They barely consider marriage first, well, Somto changed the narrative by getting married early. A research revealed that Somto might be one of those whose clan tradition upholds marrying early because the Igbos had argued seriously about his marriage. It was rumored that during their traditional marriage, Somto's family promised a shop for selling things to start his family life.

Since you've read this, do you still think marrying early isn't right?

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TimelyInformant · 06/25/2020
Marrying early isn't a bad option. but one should have the necessary needs in hand before Venturing into it. At least a work that feeds two.

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