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Fiction: Derek in the Den

Prosperland 06/29/2020

Derek in the Den

(the story of a firstyear sociopath) 

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 In case you are wondering what I'm doing here in this crowdy Peace-motor park, let me explain; You see, this is not my first time in visiting Nsukka town, I've been here like four or five times before and so it's not new to be here again.

 I actually came here with my parents a few years back for my elder brother's convocation ceremony in the school. Till now that was our last visit here. Other times I visited here were for my brother's earlier matriculation, my elder sister's convocation and matriculation ceremonies too. Well soon it would be my turn.

 Well now you know a little of why I'm here, let me introduce myself, my name is Derek Dubem.  

 And you see these people around me, I think a parasite ate half of their brains. They're just a couple of hustlers who won't let me catch a breathe for one sec. The boy with the wheel barrow won't even let me explain that my bag is light enough for me to carry because it was full of only my clothes, and those motor drivers won't even let me explain to them that I'm waiting for someone else to come and pick me.

 Anyway the person I expected came to my relief. It's Aunt Rachel my mother's younger sister, she's a non academic worker in the University. I hopped into her car and that's where we were heading, "the University of Nigeria Nsukka" 

 I was desperate to leave the car park before I get swallowed by one of those briskly drivers and hawkers.

 We made it to the school on time, I never knew Aunt Rachel could drive so fast and within few minutes, we were at the lecturers' quarters. I know Aunt Rachel is not a lecturer but her husband is.

 Her husband Mr Raphael is a junior staff in the political science unit. 

 I'm a little worried and I'll tell you why, Aunt Rachel has a five year old daughter "Little Rosemary ". Rosemary is the most stubborn toddler I've ever seen. I'll testify to that because last year when her and Aunt Rachel visited my family and I at our home in Enugu, it was terrible!!

 First she broke one of my parents' wedding pictures, next she broke into my room and ate the chocolates I've been saving in my drawer. The annoying thing is that I didn't know how she finished approximately one carton of chocolate in less than a minute and she bit my hand when I tried to stop her from finishing the rest. And that's not all, she even tore my biology textbook to shreds. She was out of control!!

 So now I'm going to live with her for my entire firstyear in campus. Well if you ask me, I would say she hasn't evil spirit and needs serious deliverance from a powerful priest. 

 Anyway Aunt Rachel showed me my room and told her to show me the rest of the house. Little Rosemary took me to the bathroom and called it the dinning, she took me to the toilet and called it the kitchen. I can't tell if she did that on purpose or if she was one of those kids who couldn't spell their names.

 Believe me, it would be a lot easy to live in a mud house than to live with this little girl.

 I'm already starting to miss home even though I had been desperate to leave there this morning. Not that I was so excited on my admission, but there's this our neighbour next door, his name is "Mr Nzube".

 Well, a few days after I saw my name on the primary admission list, I accidentally gave his brand new Camry car a flat tyre. The truth of the story was that I was chasing a mouse with a spiky stick that day when it ran under his car. I saw a tiny black nylon bag in front of one of the car tyres, I thought it was the tiny mouse. 

 To cut the long story short, let me give you a piece of advice, "you can never catch a mouse or a lizard with a stick no matter how fast you are and always be careful, I repeat, always be careful especially when a new car is involved ".

 I was unlucky because one of his children saw me in the act and reported me immediately. Since then I've been avoiding Mr Nzube and looking for an opportunity to leave home for sometime till he forgets the incident. I was afraid he would knock at our door one-day and demand to see me with scolds. So that was why I was so desperate to leave home.

 I'm not fully relieved because I'm having a feeling that he might even still come from Enugu to this school and let me have it, I know how much he loved his car. And I know I'm returning home on December for Christmas break. It's still October and I don't think three months is enough for him to forget what I did to his car tyre. 

 All this thinking of home is making me feel hungry. Just in time, Aunt Rachel called me to the kitchen to take my lunch.

 When I returned to my new room with my food, I was startled to see Little Rosemary using my phone to browse online!! The annoying part of it is that I didn't have sufficient data subscriptions to download any game. And here is this Little brat using what is left to browse for pictures of "Princess Barbie" the dumbest cartoon I've ever watched. And I begin to wonder how a five year old girl learnt how to browse with a smart phone. I expect Little Rosemary to torture me with her troubles but now is way too early for that. 

To be continued...

Derek is just starting his firstyear in his tertiary school popularly called the Den. He's having quite an uneasy welcome because he finds himself facing a lot of awkward situations while trying to survive in the midst of hungry lions and lionesses who portray themselves as his fellow students.

 And when not facing any problems that has to do with school, he has other things to worry about especially when a little brat named little Rosemary is involved.

 Derek's friend Sylvester or should he say side- coursemate, isn't even helping. All he ever cares about is to change Derek's personality and make him someone he's not.

 But Derek knows who he is, he knows he's an unusual boy and quite different from his peers. 

  Listen to the voice of Derek as he narrates his one of a kind- ordeals, his most awkward moments and his ridiculous misadventures while struggling to survive in the Den.

Author- Prosper.C.Okafor

Hope you enjoyed the introduction.

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