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Pastor Adeboye's Prophecy Finally Fulfilled After Six Months, His Wailers refused to be silent

Creativitys 06/24/2020

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor E.A Adeboye is a well known man of God in Nigeria and Internationally. This is due to his humility and committed service to Christainity. Daddy G.O as Papa Adeboye is popularly called has been in the ministry over 40 years with testimonies of God's Faithfulness. Among such testimonies are the prophecy been revealed annually at the beginning of each year.

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We would recall that at the beginning of this year, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God which has parishes in about 197 countries made a prophecy about year 2020. Adeboye had pronounced a number of prophecies for the year 2020 on New Year’s Eve at the church’s international headquarters located along the Lagos-Ibadan expressway, saying, “This year is going to behave like a child having convulsion unless we pray very well. Earthquakes in many places. Volcanoes that have been dormant for years erupting.

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Among the prophecies was this particular one; If you look at the prophecies for 2019 for the international scene, you will see fire and flood. The Lord says whatever we have seen in 2019 is nothing compared to what is coming except his children will pray so that His healing hands will be upon the nations of the world.

He declared that there would be greater flood in 2020 compared to what we witnessed last year. He also said sin is becoming more rampant. Things that in the past could not be mentioned is now being celebrated and God is angry but He will help if we can pray. This was the reason he gave for the anticipated Flood.

Many of his Wailers came out to critise him after the prophecy. Some claimed that a true man of God shouldn't be making the people panic. They accused him of planting fear in his congregation's heart. Others claim he is a fake pastor, saying a true pastor will pray to God and wave the evil away. While some even chanted that he is a fraudster duping his poor congregation of their little money. They claimed all the prophecy were mere guesses and his church is just a business enterprise.

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Not minding the Critics flying around, the great man of God emphasized on his prophecy during one of the holy ghost night that comes around every first Friday of the month. At the February Holy Ghost Service of the church tagged ‘Let there be Light II’, the 77-year-old Man of God said some of his prophecies for the year were already becoming fulfilled.

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He said, “A prophet will be anxious that everything he says will come to pass. A pastor will care less. I’m not a prophet anyway; I’m a pastor."

He talked about his prophecy on fire outbreaks,houses burnt, markets burnt, government houses burnt, fire outbreaks near this airport and that airport. At the time he was saying this again, if you look at what had happened in January which is just one month old prophecy, you will agree that the prophecy is being Fulfilled gradually.

There's been lots of fire outbreaks, in popular markets around Ogun and Lagos states to mention a few. Government houses has caught fire recently including the office of the Accountant General of the federation and so on. The Man of God is urging us to pray because he said the Lord told him we have seen nothing yet

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Flood: An insight to Pastor Adeboye's prophecy

Also during the Special Sunday Service he held in April amidst the lockdown saga, the cleric reemphasized on the incidence of flooding that will be invading the country, even around areas that has never experienced flooding before.

This was part of the 2020 prophecy he gave on New year Eve. He repeated it before his sermon on that faithful Sunday in the month of April. He also urged Nigerians to prepare for the blood because he's sure it will come. He told everyone to clear their drainage and the state government to work on the drainage system.

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This prophecy is seemed to be coming to fulfillment after Lagos State Government has announced the impending flood that is likely to hit the state in July and September. The Lagos State Government has started telling people in affected neighbouring community to commence evacuation has this forseeb massive flooding will cause great destruction.

The state Government just gave the statement on flooding recently, meanwhile the respected man of God has forseen this even before the commencement of the year. The prophecy which was released six months ago during the New year celebration is gradually coming to fulfillment

However, the antagonists who always find opportunity to criticize the cleric has come out again to wail. They said the Man of God only predicted it from knowledge of science and not of God. The Wailers are not keeping quiet as they claim there's nothing special or miraculous with predicting there will be massive flood. They claim the Man of God had known there will be heavy rains this year, hence come to the conclusion of flooding.

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What's your take on this? Are they right?. Even if he predicted the Flooding from knowledge of science, how about the Fire incidence too? He predicted that also?. Haters are sometimes very desperate. The Man of God is so humble to have noticed the Wailers and that hasn't stopped him from moving on in his ministry.

Recently, he celebrated his 78th birthday around March. He's currently the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God after it was handed into him by the founder, Late Pa. Josiah Akindayomi of blessed memory. Ever since, he has been working towards the expansion and growth of the church and the kingdom in general. Papa Adeboye has been a model and mentor to other Founders and Men of God. This is due to his holy living and life of humility

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God bless Papa

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GUEST_G2YNQ0lkW · 06/25/2020
... And he did not see corona virus coming
KehindeAdedipe · 06/25/2020
My daddy doesn't talk any how whatever he said is from God.
Dan.D · 06/25/2020
I thank God for my daddy G O . and God who chose him, there are many who we never come to the knowledge of God till the world come to an end. God be with Papa
TRUSTEE · 06/25/2020
i don't know why people are just been deceived for the past 15 year there is always flood during raining season so don't deceives people

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