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There Is This Questions Bothering Me Since, Regarding Ibom Plaza In The State Capital

Elijahhenryekpo 06/24/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. There's this questions bothering me since, regarding Ibom Plaza in the State Capital and it goes thus: Is government of Akwa Ibom benefits from the original purpose of that entity? The kind of businesses going on now there such as gambling through series of gaming like snooker, table tennis, picking pockets. Was these parts of the purpose, plan for Ibom Plaza? What is the main function of the Police Post that is located there?

Ibom Plaza has turn to periwinkle kingdom. The management of that place does not have the capacity to control the movement and the kind of businesses that is taking place in that place. Even the sanitation aspect has not been considered, people now sales oranges, groundnuts, and so many kind of fruits along pedestrian close to the roundabout and at the end left the place untidy.

Akwa Ibom State government should through the host L.G.A be directed to hand over the management of that place to private sector in order to get hold of the revenue generated there and for proper coordination of activities in there, for the purpose of smooth and well articulated managerial strategy to be employed.

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aromaz · 06/24/2020
great idea

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