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Suicide: See Photos Of Two Different People Who Killed Themselves This Week, On The Same Day

Daddydivine 06/24/2020

Sometimes I wonder why people would take their own lives, but they always have lame excuses for doing it.

I know life can be mean at times, but I don't see any reason why anyone should feel like killing himself/herself.

Today, we will be looking at two Nigerians who committed suicide this week, on the same day.

The first on the list is a young Port Harcourt based single mother identified as Princess Folashade Eloho Bello, and she reportedly took her life leaving her son behind. Before she died, she dropped a disturbing Facebook post and feeling depressed due to an unfulfilled promise, but no one took it serious, she reportedly took her life on the 21st of June 2020, after drinking deltol and hypo together.

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2. The man's name is Chris Ndukwe, and he stayed at Victory Park Estate in Lekki, Lagos. From the information gathered, he killed himself minutes after killing his wife. He got really provoked at his wife after a DNA test claimed his second son didn't belong to him.

The man identified as Chris Ndukwe killed himself after stabbing his wife to death on Sunday, June 21st June 2020.

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They both committed suicide on the 21st of June 2020, which was on a Sunday, may their souls rest in peace.

Why do you think people kill themselves apart from frustration?

Use the comment section below to share your thoughts, your contribution matter.

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Top Comments
+234-708854**** · 06/25/2020
what if the DNA machine was faulty ?What if Disco took light and the machine could not read .What if the lab attendant was in a hurry and did not complete the DNA test.What if the result was mistakenly interchanged. A young man that used masquerade to flog his mother and threw his ex girlfriend from a two storey building , should have been in a psychiatrist hospital .His family should have told his fiancee that he is partially mad.Just Imagine how is destroyed the lady.
PaulAttah · 06/27/2020
They're on their own.
BolaAnifowoshe · 06/26/2020
only God knows what cause it God save young couples in Jesus might name Amen
+234-708854**** · 06/25/2020
is high time the government mandated mental fitness test before any person marries.Bible says thou shall not commit adultery.If she had obeyed God's word she wouldn't have been this vulnerable.No peace for the wicked

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