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PTF Briefings: ''If it's within my Powers, I will Lockdown Nigeria now'' - Mustapha Boss

Passcord 06/26/2020

The Corona virus pandemic has been causing lots of serious issues since its outbreak that despite the measures to contain it, it seems to be defiling them as more and more cases keep coming out everyday.

Just as Nigerians are hoping that the interstate movement prohibition should be lifted by next week after the lockdown issue, the PTF chairman in a news briefing yesterday told everyone that this is the best time for another lockdown to take place in Nigeria following the increasing discoveries of Covid-19 in Nigeria.

According him, “You want to hear the truth? If it were within my powers this is the time to lockdown.

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“Lockdown might not be a popular thing but this is the time to lockdown because I can see the attitude of Tom and Jerry.

“I saw a real romance with Covid -19 today. Romance of people behaving as if the matter (virus) is over.

“It is a very serious issue and my appeal to Nigerians listening is that; let us take this thing (virus) serious.

“By now, with 500 plus fatalities you can’t be ignorant, you can’t say you don’t know of anybody that has fallen victim either by way of name or pictures but today they are no more.”

The NCDC reports as at Thursday 25 June has it that 594 new cases were discovered in Nigeria.

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Please stay safe in your various homes and places of works. Corona virus is real and kills as you've heard of Abba Kyari and Abiola Ajimobi's deaths and a host of others.

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PrinceEze_18 · 06/26/2020
FG Nava pay u foolish idoit,one day u die n leave all d money u are collecting,than u no dat diz world z vanity
+234-0706242**** · 06/26/2020
A madmans suggestion

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