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List 3 things from the Norwich game that Ole should avoid repeating in the FA Cup semi-final

Revolver 06/29/2020

Facing Chelsea won't be a cakewalk but we must get everything right. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Here are some interesting reactions from Manchester united fans;

Vic Von Max.

He should Avoid using players who ain’t %100 Fit. Only Players fully Fit and Performing In Training should be Considered. We have a Congested Fixtures List so all hands must be on deck to Play only the fittest and Best Performing Players.

No Sentiments Allowed.

Zanna Adam Zarma

Let him line up a winning squad and forget about rotation bcos we are so desperate to qualify for the final that's all.

Turay Osman Lamin

I prefer we should start our starting team on them.

Anton Lillieström

No because we need rotation for top four are you crazy.

Donneyee Zu

He should have our strongest starting XI start the game! No Lingard, no Mata!!!


He should stop rotation business and start with our wining squad

Share your opinions down below, Reds!

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