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Unlike Christians, See Why Jews Don't Embalm Corpses

timashem 06/29/2020

What is embalming?

Embalming is the process of introducing a disinfectant solution to the internal environment of the body when someone passes away.

It delays changes to the body which occur after death, giving the deceased a more restful appearance and, in some situations, removing some visible effects of the cause of death. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Many Christians embalm corpses to give them enough time to prepare for an elaborate burial ceremony in honour of the deseased, expeccially if the departed was an elderly person.

Usually, the corpses are embatled before being taking the the mortuary for preservation. Some Christians leave the corpses of their loved ones for up six months. Actually, there is no time limit. The time a corpse spend in the mortuary is decided by the family of the deseased. But, this is not the case with Jewish burial rites.

According to Rabbi Herbert Mandl of Kehilath Israel Synagogue, the traditional Jewish custom is to bury the deceased within 24 hours or if not, within 48 hours. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

He said. “Embalming is against Jewish law because you are not to tamper with the body. You are supposed to return the way you came, and embalming radically affects the body."

Why Jews do not cremate corpses

It is forbidden for the Jews to cremate corpses.

Mandl said that cremation is forbidden among the Jews. He said it is a major violation of Jewish law because cremation destroys the body. If the Jews must keep the body for a few days, probably because a relative is coming from a distance or other extenuating circumstances, they would refrigerate. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

He stated that Wooden caskets are used so they deteriorate in the earth. The deceased is buried in a white garment similar to a gown, and the casket is closed at the funeral, which is a simple service with Scripture, prayers and a eulogy.

Services are usually conducted at funeral homes, and then the people go to the cemetery.

Traditionally Jews do not take the body inside the Synagogue.

Rabbi Mark Levin at Congregation Beth Torah in Kansas City, USA said Reform Jews, bury the deceased in regular clothing, generally within two days.

Following the funeral, traditional Jews do an evening service at the home of the deceased’s family for seven days. But Reform Jews do it for one, two or three days.

The Jews traditional burial ceremony is largely based on the the Bible.

Is it appropriate for Christians to go against the Bible in embalming and cremating?

Please share your thoughts on this. And don't forget to share.

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Top Comments
SuleimanHussain_01 · 06/30/2020
Christianity today are follower of Paul and not Christ Jesus.
PaulOkpako · 06/30/2020
WHY waste MONEY on the BODY when the owner of the BODY, the Soul has Left for good!
GUEST_mlLwdzMbA · 06/29/2020
why Christian do go beyond the Bible is because they don't belief in the same scripture they claim they are following.
+234-708473**** · 06/30/2020
when any post talks about Christianity, you see many talking rubbish against Christianity: the writer of this topic, is confusing himself, he dnt have information, in Genesis, we were told, that Jacob, was embalmed for many weeks before his burial, was he not a Jew? and the father of the Jews for that matter.

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