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Say I Love you without uttering the phrase I Love you.

D.Olansile 2d

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. A good Relationship is about people who love themselves wholeheartedly and can do anything for one another for progress.

The phrase ''I Love you'' is used by many in the world,without really knowing the true meaning of Love. Guess what? Love is Sacrifice.

The word Love goes beyond saying, it is an act (indeed). Put into action how much you love, not just habitually saying it. Love is indeed not by words alone. Remember '' action speaks louder than voice '' 

A good relationship is based on love and how much the people involved in the relationship are willing to give up for one another, we have friends, couples, siblings, Father to children and mother to children relationship. All kinds of relationship should be based on Love.

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Love is Sacrifice

Sacrifice is the only genuine way of saying I Love you. When you love, sacrifice automatically is part of you, you are willing to put your partners feelings first, even when it is inconvenient for you, you just want to see the other person blossom and happy at all times. It's more like the persons happiness is your happiness. Love is sacrifice and the things you do, speaks of how much love you do have.

Love is not inconvenient, it is convenient, because you find satisfaction in whatever you do, to let your partner know of how deep your love is towards him/her.

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You do not necessarily have to give your life for the other person (dying for your love) and you don't have to be rich to prove you love. Out of the little you have buy gifts for your partner, when you know what your partner lacks materially or desire to have, get those things for them.

Moreso, you can give your time and attention to your partner, have fun together, sit and gist with your partner even to those things you think are irrelevant, those things make your relationship fun. Sharing great ideas and thought with your partner and most importantly, cooking and washing together. There are several ways of giving quality time and attention in relationship find out what your partner loves doing most and try doing it together, it shows indeed how much you love your partner.

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Care for your partner.

Nonchalant attitude doesn't make relationship grow, it leads to many unresolved issues, show that you care and don't just say it alone, when your partner is sick,care for him/her, when he/she is in financial trouble, show that you care by extending a loving hand (money).

Ask yourself a question, do I love indeed or just in words?

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KoffiPaulAGBOTONGBE_02 · 07/6/2020
You're absolutely right. Thanks for the pieces of advice.

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