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How to pass JAMB in any year

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Student have been facing this challenge of passing JAMB which is delaying them admission into View pictures in App save up to 80% data. higher institution simply because they don't know the way or steps to follow to pass JAMB.


Let's be realistic here we often get this phobia of examination simply because we have been hearing people saying Jamb is hard. Now, I want to forget what anyone have told you about Jamb and give it a thought that it is only simple if I prepare.

1. PRAYER: We all know that there is nothing prayer can't do it can turn the impossible possible. Even If you prepare and you forget to pray about it you are making a great mistake. Always call the attention of God to everything you do. Make it known today that even passing Jamb doesn't guarantee you admission you see why you really need to pray for Good luck.

2. FOLLOW THE SYLLABUS: Many student don't take note of this that following Jamb syllabus is very essential to pass JAMB with ease. Come to think of it Jamb has a reason to always release syllabus which is for student to pass. Although you can't know everything but you have to give it a try. So trust the syllabus and it will work out fine for you.

3. Making your Past question your best friend:

Many students neglect the importance of pas questions they don't know that Jamb doesn't have time to set questions every year when they have thousands of question they can just shuffle randomly for student. Jamb spend most their time dealing with reinforcing their database from hackers, upgrading student information and all other things but I think setting questions every year is not in the priority list even if they will add it will be few.

My first year of writing Jamb I spent my time treating past questions and Jamb syllabus and I ended up scoring 248. Although I was still in school but our teachers do encourage us to treat past questions and following syllabus. Unfortunately I wasn't granted admission because of my age isn't up to 15.

Moreover, my second year I did the same and I ended up scoring 242. That year I was granted admission.

Thanks for reading, I will be glad if you follow this steps.

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