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Check out these rats that are as big as dogs

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What country has rats the size of a dog?

There are South American “Rodents”, not true Rodents that are quite large. The “rabbit” that attacked President Jimmy Carter was probably a Nutria.

Then there are also the Kushner Family properties in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, which have rats, brought to light by the father-in-law of one of the Kushners.

Capybaras in Brazil: They aren't rats, they are rodents, the biggest in the world and they are very docile creatures.

We have them even in the dirty rivers in the middle of Sao Paulo, the biggest South American city. Look how cute they are:

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Papua New Guinea - but they’re only as big as a very *small* dog.

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That’s a female Bosavi woolly rat (male rats have very obvious testicles, and I watched the whole clip of their interaction, several times, and didn’t see any balls). She’s about the size of a small chihuahua, and the male will be bigger.

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