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Recent Registration Update For The N-Power 2020 Programme

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As we know already, the N-Power 2020 registration is commencing today being the 26th of June 2020 at exactly 11:45pm.

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The registration will commence at exactly 11:45pm on the 26th of June, any registration before then is null and void. Many still do not understand or know the program which they should apply for.

Here are the list of programs and explanation on which we are to register for. The picture above also gives more details.

The programs includes:

N-Power Agro

N-Power Build

N-Power Creative

N-Power Tech

Now only Graduates can apply for N-Power Teach and N-Power Health. Graduates with their school certificate and NYSC discharge certificate.

Then every other person, irrespective of their education level, can apply for the other programmes, including graduates.

The registration is very much free for all programs so beware of scammers trying to charge you for the registration process.

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