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"After Being Beaten, Benue Slay Queen Minky Meena Is Back To Instagram With Full Force

Mrloveachonu 06/25/2020

About two weeks ago, we woke up to meet a video trending online of a lady who decided to show the world her honey pot. Few days after that, we woke up to meet another disturbing video where she was being flogged by members of the shara anti cult group,as a means of correcting her craziness and lack of self dignity.

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As at when she was being beaten, many were thrown into arguments as to her age,tribe and religion. Many whispered that she is Igbo, others claimed she is tiv, some went further to assert that she is an Edo girl from Benin as only Edo ladies have the tendency of pulling that feat.

Fresh investigation reveals that, the 15 year old Benue slay queen whose real name is Ruth but who is famously known on social media as Minky Meena, is not Igbo as we earlier thought rather she is a full blooded Benue indigene, from the idoma speaking tribe of the state. Also it is worthy of note to also know that the Benue slay queen is back on Instagram with full force. Recall that after she was beaten, her phone was seized and her sim broken, but the young lad has decided not to back down.

This fresh revelations have further turned the tables around, because when it comes to issues of immorality and indecency like this in Benue state, people are quick to point fingers at the tiv nation as they have concluded that if you ever see any wayward lady from Benue state,then she's tiv but this has further gone to prove that indecency has nothing to do with tribe but the person.

It was also revealed that, her mother is of Igbo origin while her father is of the idoma extraction. This new fresh insight was revealed by a friend who is close to the family and encouraged that people should stop pointing hands and condemning tribes as indecency has nothing to do with a particular group of persons. People decide what they become but can't decide the consequences.

Source: opera.com
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