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How to make organic soap for skin glow with just #350 (under $1)

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Having a glowing skin is what everybody craves for, to this end, people spend a lot of time and money caring for their skin. The good news is that I am about to teach you how to make your skin glow for close to no financial setback. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.


1. Cocoa pods

2. Distilled water

3. Shea butter

4. Essential oil

5. Molds

1. cocoa pods

Get as many cocoa pods as needed, burn the pods to ashes, then grind the ashes to a fine powder.

2. Distilled water

Boil the water to a lukewarm stage, gently dissolve the ashes ( cocoa pods ashes) in the lukewarm water, the more ashes you add to the lukewarm water, the darker and concentrated the soap.

3. Shea butter

The Shea butter is slowly melt and added to the mixture of ashes and the water that we already have. Stir gently and continue the heating process.

4. Essential oils

Now that we already have a mixture of water,Ash, and Shea butter, add essential oils to the mixture. At this stage, there will be a soapy film on the surface of the mixture.

5. Molds

Carefully use a spoon to rake the soapy film on the surface of the mixture into your chosen molds, keep the molds in a safe place for 72 hours for the soapy film to solidify. At this stage, your organic soap is ready for use, start glowing and thank me later, see ya !

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BolanleOluyemi · 06/25/2020
Thanks so much pls where can l buy the cocoa pods.
AdeyeyeAriike · 06/26/2020

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