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3 players Manchester United have to sign to win the Premier League title next season

Nwikedinho 06/25/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Under the tutelage of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Manchester United is fast becoming the strongest team in the Premier League. They're undefeated in 13 matches, won 11 and draw 3 of those games while scoring 26 goals including a first ever hat-trick in 7 years.

Anthony Martial broke that jink by scoring his and the club's first ever hat-trick since 2013 against Sheffield United. Without doubt, Manchester United now have a powerful team capable of matching Liverpool and Manchester City in terms of intensity and rhythm but to be the best, they need to sign at least three more players.

Here are the 3 players Manchester United need to sign:

Harry Kane- The 27-year-old England international is a world class striker. He posses the skill sets to guarantee any top club 30 or more goals a season. If Manchester United sign Kane, they will instantly posses the firepower to rival Liverpool and Manchester City to major trophies.

Jadon Sancho- The wing wizard posses the explosive pace, power and exceptional dribbling abilities to get past players and set up his teammates to score. Manchester United need a top player like that, a player who can offer them serious attacking threat going forward.

Ben Chillwell- Manchester United need a left back who posses the power, pace and intelligence to know when to track back and attack. If United can beat Chelsea to his signature he will offer them the solidity and balance required to win the Premier League title.

The combination of Aaron Wan Bissaka and Ben Chillwell will be devastating.. Both are very good on a one one situation, fantastic in attacking and tracking back and Chillwell, possess a ferocious shoot.

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Top Comments
GwenBrisk · 06/25/2020
we really need Jadon Sancho mostly plus Harry Kane as the case may be
KingMichaelIorwuese · 06/25/2020
We need Jason Sancho in old traffold

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