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11 years of exit, Michael Jackson's memories still lives on

AYODEJI_Tobi 06/25/2020

Every 25th of June is a day to remember the American singer, songwriter, dancer and King of Pop, Michael Joseph Jackson.

Today 25th of June, 2020 makes it 11years that the king of pop died.

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Despite the fact that Michael Jackson is no more, his memories still lingers in the heart of his fans. During his life time, he was regarded as one of the most significant cultural figures of the 20th century and one of the greatest entertainers in the history of music. His singing, dancing, fashion skills and talents can never be rated low. He was an innovator who changed the face of modern dance, influenced generations of music lovers and produced some mouth watering videos that were beyond their time.

Michael Jackson's contributions to music, dance, and fashion made him a very important figure in popular culture for over forty years.

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His first debut on the professional music scene was at the age of 11. He was a winner of over 370 awards (a feet that no one has ever matched in history). These includes 13 Grammy Awards as well as the Grammy Legend Award and Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award; 6 Brit Awards, 5 Billboard Music Awards and 24 American Music Awards and many more. All these were for his humanitarian and selfless efforts.

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In 1983 and 1990, he won two Primetime Emmy Award nominations and he was honoured by two Presidents of the United States.

During his life time, Michael Jackson was more than just a pop star. He rose to the level of an humanitarian who supported several organizations like the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Social Change, UNICEF, American Cancer Society, among others. When it comes to his humanitarian work, in fact, he was a huge advocate for children and mostly worked with organizations that supported the youth across the globe.

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Jackson is one who is known to always shed light on world issues such as climate change and has donated to several organizations that support AIDS and cancer research.

Michael was one of the first celebrities to establish his own charitable foundation. He also used his star power to rally other performers to charity anthems like “Heal the World” and “We Are the World.” His commitment to social justice was a recurring theme in his music.

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Till today, Michael Jackson has set the fame benchmark no one can ever match. When it comes to the King of Pop and using the word "legend”, he was incomparable among his counterparts.

The accomplishments of Michael Jackson in the field of music, dance and entertainment have been widely documented worldwide and can never be forgotten in history.

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He died as one of the most famous people on earth having maintained that level of fame for about a quarter of a century.

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RIP Legend.

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