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Indeed, Something Is Fishy In The Nigerian Army And Soldiers Are Beginning To Speak Out.

Mr_chunde 06/25/2020

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Of recent, men of the Nigerian Army, are beginning to speak out, against the happenings within the army. Before now, it was strange to hear a soldier make mention of the situation of things at the warfront, talk more of complaining bitterly against his superiors -the men at the helm of affairs.

These soldiers keep complaining about the their being underarmed and how the leadership of the army, is negligent towards the fact that thousands of civilians and men of the Nigerian Army have died and will die, due to how poorly mobilized the army is.

When men at the warfront complain, something is truly amiss. It is just sad that people will lose their lives on account of a negligent system.

You may recall that in March 2020, Major-General. Olusegun Adeniyi, Commander of 'Operation Lafia Dole' in Maiduguri, spoke up in a video about the poor equipping of the troops and how many of his men were lost during an insurgency attack. In a matter of days, this senior commander, was redeployed to the Nigerian Army Resource Centre.

Even more, you will recall that on Twitter, African_Boy, @ToniNoni, a known soldier wrote in his post, stating his desire to speak out about his experience at the Maiduguri war theatre and how it will shed light on a lot of hidden activities.

Finally, a few days ago, Lance Corporal Martin(for clarification), posted a video on Instagram, where he called out the top Security Chiefs, for being negligent with the lives of the men of the Nigerian Army and that of citizens. On the video, he acknowledged that he may get arrested for speaking out, but was willing to pay the price.

The question in the lips of many Nigerians is this:

With all of this activities going on, is the Nigerian Army fully capable of ensuring security?

Why are soldiers getting bold to speak up, against the happenings within the army?

Is there something Nigerians need to know?

Dear friends, your opinion is highly appreciated and anticipated!

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God Bless Nigeria!

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Top Comments
+234-803583**** · 06/25/2020
Of what use is the Senate, House of Assembly and even the presidency. Are they ignorant of the plight of these soldiers.
GEORGEOLA · 06/25/2020
Chadian President said his soldiers should be wary of Nigeria, during their one week all of could see the truth, that Nigeria army boss is protecting the book haram. for how many months after sekau us crying to now that army chief led the war and sekau gain strength again. I only pity the lifes being wasted on daily basis.
ChykelueJasperJoseph · 06/25/2020
Buhari goverment (fulani govnmnt) wants to use his jihad army (bokoharam) to kill the Nigerian soldiers so there will not be any defence to the civilians from the Nigerian soldiers.
LuckySagay · 06/25/2020
And yet the presidency and their National Assembly is still keeping them(the service chiefs)

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