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Medical Expert Lists 6 Ways To Save Your Kidney From Failing and Causing Death (See PHOTOS)

Barthiwu 06/26/2020

With the increase in the issues arising from the failure of the kidney, it seems like a lot of kidneys are already in their final days, and judging from the high price in the acquisition of a kidney which is almost at 80million, it shows that the kidney is one of the organs facing scarcity. But how do we help ourselves not to get to that stage? Check this article.

Popular Nigerian Social Media Doctor, Aproko Doctor gives his usual daily health tip and listed out 6 ways to save the kidney from dying off faster.

1. Drink Water

Always drink water. Taking as much as 4 sachets or 3 bottles of water everyday should help flush the toxins in your kidney and keep the kidney safe

2. Don't Smoke

I know that no matter how much this is being said, a lot of Nigerians won't want to believe. But smoking damages both your lungs and kidney. There is no satisfaction gotten from smoking other than an eventual death which is shorter and more painful than the normal death.

3. Control Your BP

Blood Pressure or BP for short is caused from much over thinking or over stressing. Your blood pressure tries to stay in line with the high processing of the body which you're doing. Control your BP by avoiding things that makes it increase. Avoid in take of much salt too.

4. Limit or Stop the Intake of Herbal Drugs (Agbo)

You can't flush the toxins in your body if you're adding more toxins to the body through the in take of agbo. Help yourself by reducing the way you take these supplements and drugs.

5. Don't use Pain Medications, especially NSAIDs like Ibuprofen, Felvin etc

6. Stop Bleaching Your Skin

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