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How To Transfer Money Through Text Message And Email Address.

Royalsonz 06/26/2020

Banks are engaging in innovations on how easy to perform transactions. So many easy ways have been put out to help costumers but recently a new means was introduced which is transferring funds through text message or email.

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This new method was introduced by Ecobank and the new method gives the customer option to either send it through text message or email.

How it is works;

When the customers select the option of sending through text/email, a unique link will be sent to the number/email address selected.

The receiver will then click into the link and fill in his/her account details to receive the money.

The receiver has an option to put in Ecobank account or any local bank account that he want to receive the money in.

Why this is unique is, you can use it when you don't have the receivers account number but have the phone number/email or when the receiver hasn't decided on which account to receive the money.


*The receiver should guard the link very well so someone else doesn't access it and fill the form.

* This is for Ecobank customers alone and the feature is in their mobile banking App.


Source: opera.com
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