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Cristiano Ronaldo Spotted Wearing World Most Expensive Rolex Watch in History

Jerryupdate 06/24/2020

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Christiana Ronaldo had just demonstrated that he is real money again after being spotted wearing the most expensive wrist waych £371K.

The Portugal international is one of the highest paid footballers in the world considering what he takes home every week at Juventus.

He is also a fashion man apart from being one of the richest men on earth, he is always spotted wearing designer clothing.

He has acquired alot such as: a jet, super yatch, mansions around Europe hotels, expensive cars and lot more, CR-7 cannot buy if he wants it.

The former Real Madrid Star was spotted wearing the timepiece back in january when he popped over to the middle east for the Dubai Globe Soccer Award.

The 18-karat white gold timekeeper is festooned with diamonds which makes it so expensive and only someond at the level of Cristiano Ronaldo could have it.

See photos of him wearing the most expensive Rolex Watch in history

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Source: opera.com
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