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How to Study in Brazil For Free and What is the Requirement For Nigerians to Apply

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Did you know you can study in Brazil Tuition free as a Nigerian Student. You can apply for admission and if you meet the requirements, you will only have to cater for your food and possibly accommodation but wouldn't have to pay school fees all through your stay in Brazil for a world class Education.

This is because most of Brazil's education is funded by the government and they are a very highly literate country. Nigerian also has some Bilateral agreement which covers education too that had been signed very many years ago.

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However, you will most likely have a good chance if you can speak Portuguese (You can learn this in language school in less than a year) and have a proof of proficiency. This is in addition to you O'levels result and any transcripts required.

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Here are some free websites that regularly update their information on study opportunities like this and many others that you can take advantage of to further your cause:

1. https://www.studyabroadguide.com/

2. https://scholarship-positions.com/

3. https://opportunitydesk.info/

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