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5 Easy Ways To Lose Body Fat

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There is no doubt here that reducing the size of any fat stored in your body takes a relative amount of effort regarding your diet. There is no exercise that will give you the results that a wholesome, real and nutritious food will. This is the fundamental and most important strategy when losing body fat. Let’s talk about this in more detail

Strategies that will help you lose fat

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Intermittent fasting

This is the best way of reducing body fat stores and balancing hormone levels. Not only will you be able to lose fat, but you will also balance insulin, increase human growth hormone and increase your metabolism. No other diet comes close to hitting all of these important hormonal responses. When you lower insulin, you are more inclined to burn fat stores for fuel, growth hormone increases promote fat loss as well as building muscle mass. Increasing your metabolism means you train your body to use energy for fuel, not store it.

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Keep active

Exercise is important for health and wellbeing. Make sure you spend time being active, enjoying the outdoors and increasing your capacity for fitness and health. I don’t know about you, All of this provides a therapeutic benefit, as well as a physical one. If you can get outdoors for a walk regularly through the day, then do so. Take the stairs, walk to a certain place instead of taking your car. It’s these little things over time, that adds up to incidental exercise.

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Get enough sleep

Sleep is a huge disruptor of your bodies ability to regulate appetite. You will be more inclined to make poorer food choices if you do not get enough sleep. Make sure you put sleep high up on the priority list, as you would any other important part of your life (like eating!) I would say, miss a meal instead of half a nights sleep.

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Drink water

Not only is it a good idea to hydrate your body, but it’s also a great way to flush out toxins, especially the ones that lurk in your fat cells. Remember, that water is higher on the list than food. Hydration is key to the functioning of your whole body. Drink before, during and after workouts. Aim for 3–4 litres a day.

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Make protein your friend and artificial food your enemy

In the war of weight loss, protein is a key component nutrient that keeps you full, and also helps regulate your hunger levels and moods. Keep away from artificial colours, foods and additives. These foods put your body into danger mode by promoting fat gain disease and also stuffing around with your moods. We all want to be at peak performance, therefore, you must feed yourself the foods that encourage and promote this daily.

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